Ney Pimentel is a New York-based graphic designer who specializes in brand identity design.

He had the privilege of working with companies such as HBO, Sony Music, Jay Z, LL Cool J, Wu Tang, Russell Simmons, A&E, PUMA, Faber-Castell, UBO, Wailers, MADONNA, Beverly Hills Car Club, Capitol Records, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Loud Records & more.

Ney is currently a Partner/ Executive Creative Director @ LARYM DESIGN, a full-service branding agency.

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His work has been featured in 4 of the highly acclaimed Logo Lounge Master Library Series Books as well as articles in Silicon Alley, Fortune Magazine, DNR Next, Billboard Magazine, and Graphic Design USA.

“From the enLiGHTenment of design comes the wisdom of perception.” 
– Ney Pimentel

View Portfolio @ LARYMdesign.com